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Strikingly original and darkly humorous, MISSED CALL is told in a captivating, vérité style that makes this directorial debut a must see for independent film aficionados worldwide. It boasts delightfully realistic performances and witty writing that capture the passion, pain and promise of urban youth navigating the rocky road toward adulthood. – Indian Film Festival [1]

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“Missed Call” is a cutting example of niche cinema getting as close to the urban reality about the average bourgeois youngster as a camera can possibly take the audience. But at the end of the day the sense of aimlessness that overwhelms Gaurav Sengupta is much too familiar to connect with the audience as anything but an odd film about a square among circles. – WebIndia 123[2]

“The film is about a filmmaker, his fight, his defeat, his eccentricities, his creativity and a burning passion for the medium. The directors sure deserve kudos because its a story that needs to be told.” – Times of India, Hyderabad.bangla movie missed call,missed call bangla movie song,missed call full video song download,missed call bangla full movie download,missed call video song download,miss call bangla movie download,missed call movie.


Movie: Missed Call
Director: Shafi Uddin Shafi.
Staring: Bappy, Mugdhota,Tamanna, Bappa & Misha.
Music: Sawkot Ali Imon
Lyric: Kabir Bakul
Production: A.H.I Movies.
Producer: Azazul Haque Ikbal

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