Paan Supari (2016) Bengali Full Movie Download

Movie Information:

Movie: Paan Supari
Director:Anindita Sarbadhicari
Stars: Tathagata Mukherjee, Tumpa Das,
June Mallya, Kushal Chakraborty
Music: Deb Chowdhury
Running time:130 minutes
Country: India
Language: Bengali
Genres: Drama

Paan Supari (2016) Bengali Full motion-picture show transfer. Sunny aka Sandeep may be a contract killer, a suave compulsive WHO ne’er leaves any trace of his crime. The human activity of money and knowledge for his contracts happen through a paan search surpass Chaturvedi. Phooltushi may be a reasonably woman WHO has run aloof from her village to metropolis. The naïve woman falls prey to a woman trafficking gang.paan supari bengali movie download,pan supari full movie download,pan supari bengali full movie,paan supari movie cast,paan supari full movie,paan supari bengali movie cast,pan supari movie download,pan supari movie song.

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